Image of a handsome man, Mr Jesse Russell

Hi! I'm Jesse, a Product Manager at a B2B Start-up and the author behind Likely Story, a blog aimed at sharing professional and personal life lessons, opinions and tips with a focus around Product Management, Agile methodology & self-improvement.

I've been interested in technology my entire life, and have worked in the industry for over ten years. I've seen a lot, made plenty of mistakes, and had some wins as well! It's my hope that some of the lessons I share through these posts help you out.

I've also have a growing interest in sharing content on self-development based on life experiences - so hopefully there's some nuggets of value sprinkled throughout my posts just for you!

Get in touch

  • Social Media: You can find me on Twitter or Instagram (@heyfuturejesse). I reply to all DMs and tweets!
  • Coffee: I'm a huge fan of meeting up with people in real life and getting to know someone, face-to-face. I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel and work from anywhere (provided I have an internet connection!), and you can see which town or city I'm in via my Nomad List Profile. If you want to catch up for coffee, reach out to me via social media and let me know! My shout.